Where can I get a download of ALL of your information to show me how to use your units?

We have a fully-downloadable, illustrated Information Pack that gives full details of all units and their use - you can download and print at your leisure! Please CLICK HERE to download support hire information pack.

How do I clean the unit?

All units are clean when they arrive with you and we ask that you clean the units before you send back to us for the next hirer. All units are checked on return and you will be charged 5 per unit for any unit that has not been cleaned. You can clean the units with a soft cloth and warm water with a little washing up liquid in. Do not use any harsh abrasives or cleaners on the units as it may damage the vinyl. Please avoid eating messy foods - liquids or crumbly items - as these things find their way into the seams of the units and are very difficult to remove.

Can I smoke near the unit?

NO, we do not permit smoking around any of the units as the smell will be impossible to remove from the unit. If this happens a full charge for the price of the unit will be made to the hirer.

What is the sternum pad and how do I use it?

The sternum pad is an additional piece that can be attatched to the chest pad on the Full Body Posturing Chair Support to give added comfort to larger users. Just fix on by using the hook and loop fastening on the sternum pad and underside of chest pad - see the additional adjustments page.

Are the units adjustable?

Yes, all units are adjustable to help you get the most comfortable face down position possible. Please check out the user guides to see how all units can be adjusted.

Do the units come assembled?

No, the units are partially assembled; it takes a couple of minutes to set each one up. Please see our user guides to see how easy to put up the units are. If you need further help, please feel free to phone.

Are the units heavy?

No, all units are portable so are light and easy to move around, the Desktop Support weighs 6.2lb / 2.8kg, the Full Body Chair Support weighs 15lb / 7kg, the Sleep Support weighs 10lb / 4.5kg and the Bed Support weighs 32lb /14.8kg.

Does the unit store away when not in use?

Yes, all units come with a carry case to make the units easy to store away when not in use.

Do you pick up my unit automatically at the end of the hire period?

No, see 'Returning the unit' section of the information pack.

Do I need to keep the box the unit came in?

Yes, units need to be re-packaged and returned to both their carry cases and the original box provided, or a similar durable carton suitable for shipping. Please do not write directly on the boxes for return as the collection driver will bring the labels and we re-use the cartons as much as possible to help the environment.



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